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2017 GMC Box Truck Transmission Replacement in Bowling Green, KY

July 1, 2024

2017 GMC Box Truck Transmission Replacement in Bowling Green, KY

Anyone here in Bowling Green late on receiving their roofing materials? One of the leading distributors for roofing supplies recently had a transmission go out in their main box truck. Of course when a transmission goes out around here they typically bring it to Wholesale Transmission Center. The customer comes to us stating the vehicle shakes like crazy when in higher gears and really doesn't want to move in third gear. After hearing the customers complaints we are more than happy to take a look at the vehicle and see what is amiss.

Ben Jr, our primary diagnostician, went out on a test drive after scanning the vehicle. Surprisingly no codes were present, but the fluid did look horrible having metal shavings all throughout it. This was not a good sign. On the drive he confirmed the customers complaints. Third gear did not exist at all, neither did fifth gear or reverse. Since we are experienced enough to understand what that means, he immediately turned around and went back to the shop. Third, Fifth, and Reverse all share one thing in common, a drum inside the transmission. This drum is notorious for cracking when under heavy load. This being a box truck, this is more than likely the cause of the failure.

So, what is the solution? Well, we decided the best bet for this customer is a remanufactured transmission. Although we love our transmission builds here, we acknowledge that a reman transmissions warranty can not be touched by ours. For large businesses like this we typically recommend a reman unit with our tune to increase longevity, and that is what this customer agreed was best. So one Transmission Replacement and tune later, and the customer is happy with the work completed. Ready to pick up their vehicle and get to delivering roofing materials here in Bowling Green, KY.

Location: Bowling Green, KY

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